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Ultra Thin Veneers

Get everything, sacrifice nothing

Painless, no anaesthesia required

As these veneers are so thin, much less preparation of your teeth is required to receive them, as a matter of fact in some cases, teeth require no preparation or trimming whatsoever, meaning no local anaesthetics, no pain and the procedure is reversible. The preparation procedure usually takes less than an hour and involves digital scans only. Cementation then happens either in the afternoon (Same Day Veneers) or on another day as there’s no need for temporary veneers.

* this treatment is not suitable for all patients and we as health professionals have an ethic to let you know whether you are a candidate. A comprehensive examination must be performed to check eligibility and to assess the health of your teeth prior to receiving this treatment.

What can Ultra Thin Veneers do?

Ultra thin veneers are case sensitive and are best used when augmentation or adding bulk or length is required, as the veneers add at least 0.3mm of volume or length to the existing natural teeth.

Patients with gaps and short or worn teeth, can benefit from Ultra Thin Veneers, with minimal or no prep required. Ultra Thin Veneers will bring volume, width and length to correct these problems.

For patients that do want a regular whitening maintenance or do not get their desired result from a whitening treatment, Ultra Thin Veneers can be a great tool for a Permanent Whitening Solution.

Patients who have completed Invisalign or Traditional braces are also good candidates for these veneers, as the teeth are nice and straight and don’t often require any drastic changes in shape.

No more whitening required

White Teeth, Permanently

Who doesn’t love a fresh white smile? Even though whitening treatments such as our Zoom, can be effective to lighten the colour of your teeth, they still require maintenance with home care and results are variable from person to person. For a permanent and predictable whitening solution, Ultra Thin Veneers are a great option, with no need for whitening anymore. Because these veneers are so thin, they are particularly good if you already like your teeth, or perhaps you have just finished either your braces or Invisalign and no changes in shape are required, but you would love your teeth to be permanently whiter for that final touch.


*picture below is from an actual Proud Smile patient who received “no-prep” ultra thin porcelain veneers. Results can vary and each case needs to be assessed individually, our clinicians will discuss with you all pros and cons of any treatment. 

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