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Same day Dental Crowns

Beauty made strong

A dental crown is a “dental cap” that resembles a natural tooth in both shape and color. When extensive dental work or damage makes a traditional filling ineffective or too weak, a crown is recommended to cover the tooth.


These custom-made restorations are crafted from high-grade dental ceramic or zirconia, ensuring long-lasting protection and beautiful aesthetics. Plus, because they’re created outside the mouth, they’re subject to strict quality control and you won’t need to spend as much time with your mouth open during the process.


With the use of digital technology and robotic milling, we can now produce crowns in as little as one hour, instead of weeks. This is particularly beneficial in emergency situations, such as a broken tooth, or for time-critical needs such as urgent trips, returning to work or simply time-poor individuals.

How is your Same Day Dental Crown Experience

There are many advantages of a same day crown. You only need to be anaesthetised once and there are no temporary crowns, which can fall out. Just 1 visit and you are done. Plus take advantage of our amenities and location while you wait for your tooth (cap) to be made.


Local Anaesthesia

Tooth preparation and 3D scans

Crown fabrication

Relax while we make your crown in our lab. You can enjoy a hot or cold drink in our lounge, use the time to browse in the local shops, or have a walk on our beautiful Gold Coast beach. 


You are done.

Lost a tooth and need immediate help?

When a tooth is missing between two other teeth, a “bridge” could be the best solution. A bridge is a fixed dental restoration which is tooth coloured, and generally consists of 3 or more crowns joined together. This solution eliminates the need for partial dentures or dental implants, and offers a strong, aesthetic dentistry solution for specific “gaps”.

Designed by us, made by us

Our Crowns and bridges are now made fully in-house using digital scans and robotic milling. We only use High Quality products from leading international companies such as Ivoclar, Dentsply and Kuraray.

3D Scans

At Proud Smile we use the latest technology in digital scanning which means we don’t take rubber moulds anymore. This makes things a lot cleaner and more comfortable for our patients and delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and versatility. Digital scans often take only a few minutes to do and a 3D image is then reflected on our screen which is a perfect replica of your teeth and gums.
3d machine to create dental crowns molds

Digital Design

Once image has been acquired we then begin the process of designing your crown, all digitally on the computer screen using algorithms and off course our human eye for aesthetics.

Robotic Milling

It’s showtime! Using precision robotic technology, a crown is milled out of a block of porcelain or Zirconia and it’s made to the exact specifications to fit your tooth perfectly.


The crown now goes through a firing process with temperatures up to 800 degrees. This is the process that develops the material strength and gives it a high gloss shine. The crown is then ready to be cemented.

Curious?, See it for yourself.

Watch our Cerec milling machine cut a 3 unit bridge from a block of Zirconia

An option for every budget

In our promise for affordability, we have created 2 qualities of tooth crown, with costs to suit most budgets. There’s little or no compromise in aesthetics, the main difference is in the material strength.

Available in standard porcelain, hybrid Porcelain Crowns or Composite resin
Available in Emax Porcelain or Zirconia
Medium strengths of up to 250 Mpa
High strengths from 520 to 1200 Mpa
Large range of colours
Full range of colours
Average Durability from 3 to 6 years (*)
Average Durability from 5 to 10 years (*)
2 year warranty
5 year warranty
Up to 100% rebate from Private Health
Large rebate from Private Health

(*) indicative only, could last longer on both types, dependable on a series of variables such as bite, diet, accidents, lifestyle and lack of care. Your dentist will advise you which type is best for you. Warranty is valid provided the patient attends to their regular check ups.

Same Day Dental Crown PRICES

Premium Porcelain crowns
from $1490

Budget crowns
from $895


For as little as


Not sure you need a dental crown?

Book a Free Mini Consultation and we will assess your case and give you an no obligation free quote.