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Premium Composite Veneers

A Great Smile is for Everyone

At Proud Smile, we strive for innovation and to provide a better patient experience, so we have taken our composite veneers to new heights by developing new techniques, to improve quality and speed, making the whole procedure much more comfortable and affordable (compared to porcelain veneers), while keeping the great aesthetic look you deserve.


*picture on the right is an actual Proud Smile Patient, consent obtained. 

Why choose Premium composite?

Composite veneers made differently

Traditional composite veneers involve multiple layers of composite, curing each layer with trimming and polishing directly in the mouth. This leads to long periods of dental chair time and discomfort.


Our Premium composite veneers revolutionise the traditional process. Inspired by porcelain veneer principles, we prioritise your comfort with minimal tooth preparation, digital scans, and manufacturing made in our digital lab, which means no extended chair time. 


You can relax at home while we craft your veneers, returning for a brief bonding appointment, sometimes even on the same day.

Choosing Excellence:
Premium Composite vs Traditional Bonding

Premium Composite
Traditional Composite
Digital scans, digital design and milled out of a fully cured block of composite
Manual layering technique and full cure directly in the mouth
Colour Stability
Highly stable, no layers, product already comes fully cured
Less stable due to various layers and possible human error during curing
Same principles of smile design used for porcelain veneers, digital precision
Highly dependable on visual skills, prone to errors
No joints so less risk of chipping, fully cured and high grade composite
More prone to chipping, inconsistencies during curing
Minimal chair time, only one curing per tooth for bonding
Substantial chair time, mouth open for prolonged time, heat pain from manual curing

The Art of Premium Composite Veneers

Our premium composite veneers are milled out of an entire block of composite, which means no layered curing, and as such, there are no joints or rough spots. This process also eliminates possible imperfections and air bubbles, leading to a far superior colour stability, with high polish and shine, similar to porcelain veneers.

Experience the next level in dental care by choosing our Premium composite veneers.


Premium Composite veneers vs Porcelain Veneers

Since the introduction of our Premium Composite Veneers, we can comfortably say that the only difference between Premium Composite and Porcelain Veneers, is the material itself. You will still receive the same bespoke veneer experience for both options, as the process is practically the same.

At Proud Smile, when you choose our Premium Composite Veneers, you will not only experience a digitally advanced veneer service, but we can also guarantee a far superior result, compared to the traditional composite bonding.

Please take a look below to find out the main differences between composite and porcelain.


Premium Composite
250mpa (pressure resistant)
540mpa (pressure resistant)
Gloss Factor
Moderate gloss
Very high gloss
Colour Stability
Gradually stains
Doesn’t stain
Premium Aesthetics
Excellent Aesthetics
Generally 3 to 6 years
Generally 10 years
From $695
From $1090 (number of veneers dependant)
Colour Choice
Moderate range, 2 translucency levels
High range, 3 translucency levels
Treatment Time
1-2 days
1-2 days
2 years
5 years

What can Premium Composite Veneers treat?

Veneers can be used to change one or several teeth and essentially improve the shape, size and colour of your teeth.

Patients with short teeth, gaps, or worn teeth, can benefit from Premium composite Veneers, with minimal or no preparation required. Premium Composite Veneers will bring volume, width and length to correct these problems.

Permanent whitening; composite veneers are also a great treatment for those who don’t get good results with traditional whitening, or simply don’t want the maintenance involved with whitening treatments.

Patients who have completed Invisalign or traditional braces are also good candidates for composite veneers, as the teeth are nice and straight and don’t often require drastic changes in shape.

Still Not Sure?

Seeing is believing

We offer a Free Mini Consultation with our aesthetic dentists, so you can have your case assessed and all your questions answered. We also offer a Virtual Smile Simulation, to see how you look  with veneers; this service is available for both our Premium Composite Veneers and our Porcelain Veneers

We offer our patients a Virtual Smile Design service before we even start treatment. By using a simple photo, we can show you with incredible realism, how your teeth could look. If you’re still not convinced, we can, in some cases, create a 3D printed mock up and actually place this trial design on your teeth, like a “cover”, so you can see and try it for yourself in your own mouth. 

It’s time to be Proud of yourself.

You too can have YOUR smile back, whether you have a gap between your teeth, discoloured fillings, teeth are that too short or too long, chipped, broken or very yellow teeth, chances are we have a solution for you.

*picture below are from Proud Smile patients, consent obtained.

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