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Clear Braces

Clearly straight

At Proud Smile we offer a range of orthodontic treatments to correct crowded teeth and give you a straight and healthy smile. We offer traditional braces at our clinic, but it doesn’t need to be the “train track” you usually see. As a cosmetic practice we are very conscious of making this process as discreet as possible for our patients.


With the use of Saphire brackets and white coated wires you will enjoy straight teeth with minimal visibility. The benefits of braces are: increased predictability, 24 hour action with minimal compliance required and advanced mechanics for those hard to treat cases.

Aesthetic Driven Results

At Proud Smile, we prioritise both the function and aesthetics of braces. We believe correcting the improper positioning of teeth is essential to avoid dental problems, while also focusing on achieving a straight smile. Our approach goes beyond traditional orthodontic principles, incorporating cosmetic techniques for superior aesthetic results and meticulous attention to detail. As a 100% digital practice our traditional braces also employ digital principals for an easy and accurate placement of brackets.

Gum Recontouring Laser

Gum Lasering is a great adjunction to several of our cosmetic procedures, and it’s no different with braces. At the end of your treatment, once your teeth are straight, we can correct minor or more advanced gum levelling discrepancies with the use of laser. This is usually a very comfortable procedure and causes minimal bleeding. The results can be quite dramatic.

The Traditional reinvented

Traditional braces are still a great option for teeth straightening, but at our practice, we’ve upgraded the experience to a whole new level! We use digital scans instead of rubber molds and 3D printed models instead of stone ones. Our state-of-the-art software and digital imaging ensure incredible precision, for faster, smoother, and cleaner appointments.

So, it’s traditional but only on reputation.

PAYG Braces
No Deposit, No contract, No Finance.

We all know that good things take time and that is certainly the case with braces. That is why we created the PAYG braces, where you will be able to pay for your treatment each month, at your maintenance visit directly with us. There are no credit checks or third party companies involved. Receive treatment and pay for it as you go, it’s as simple as that.

We are proudly the only practice that currently offers this great convenience to our patients, which is in line with our philosophy of making good quality dentistry affordable to all.

clear braces payment method
Prefer to pay in full? No problems, take advantage of great discounts for full payments too, talk with our staff today to learn more.

Good question. Some conditions are better treated with braces and others with Invisalign, but perhaps the biggest difference is how discreet you want to be about your treatment and your lifestyle. It may even be that we can use both systems to treat your case for maximum efficiency. Below is a table with the main points of difference between the two treatments. We do offer Invisalign too, you can find more information on the Invisalign page


No, we’re a general dental practice but we offer orthodontics. Our dentists have acquired further knowledge through a few more years of specific training, but they’re not specialist orthodontists. We treat a broad range of conditions but usually not involving surgical needs or extreme skeletal problems. These are referred to specialist orthodontists. If we identify your case cannot be treated by us, we will gladly recommend an orthodontist for your consideration.

Contrary to popular belief, braces are for everyone, there’s no age limit. The advantages of straight teeth are worth pursuing for every age bracket. Provided your teeth and gums are healthy you can get braces.

Yes we do. Even though our speciality is clear braces, we do have the metal type for those who prefer a stronger option, or for the kids who love coloured elastics for a funky look.

Yes, even though we won’t be placing braces on an 8 year old child, we can certainly identify early problems at this age, including bad habits. In fact, 8 is the perfect time to start, because a few adult teeth are present and we can check for growth problems too, such as excessive growth of the lower jaw, not enough development of the upper jaw, crowding, and cross bites amongst other problems. If we do identify a problem, we can often treat these with removable or fixed appliances and by starting earlier, we will be minimising or even avoiding altogether, the need for braces in the near future.

    • Twin block – This is an appliance to correct the relationship between the top and bottom jaws. If your child has a large overbite and the lower jaw is not developed enough, this can be improved and treated with the use of this type of appliance. The results can be pretty incredible dependable on compliance, and your child will benefit from increased confidence at school and better speech capabilities.
      Twin Blocktwin block mouth
    • Cross bite: This is the condition where the bottom teeth are in front of the top teeth in a cross situation. This can lead to problems with the mouth joints and should be treated and intervened as early as possible. We can use an appliance called a  “palatal expander”. This appliance causes the top jaw to expand and grow, thus correcting the crossbite and improving the airway as well. It will also reduce the chances of crowding by allowing extra space in the mouth.

      patalal expander

  • Thumb sucking: We know it’s cute and comforting for your child to suck their thumb, however this habit can cause severe problems with the top teeth and jaw if not stopped early. The main consequence is an open bite, where the front teeth don’t touch. We can produce appliances that could help to discourage your child to continue with the habit.

    Open Bitesucking device

Want a Straighter Smile without Braces? Try Invisalign.

Discover the benefits of Invisalign – the world’s leading clear aligner therapy with over 5 million successful cases! Straighten your teeth quickly and discreetly in as little as 2 months. Don’t wait any longer, schedule your consultation today and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!