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All on 4 dental implants

Get all your teeth back

This transformative dental procedure provides a complete set of teeth anchored securely in place. With the natural look and feel of these implants, you can regain your self-assurance, enjoy a functional smile, and embrace a more confident, fulfilling life.

Gold Coast All on 4 Dental Implants

It’s not too late

Edentulism, or having no teeth, can have a serious impact on an individuals capability to perform important tasks of life, such as eating, speaking or socialising. Having no teeth can lead to malnutrition, bone loss and thus facial changes, speech problems, sleep issues and it can seriously impact your working life and relationships. 

But fortunately you don’t have to live with the ghosts from the past anymore. With dental implants, or the all on 4 dental implants , we can successfully restore an entire mouth and with Proud Smile’s leading expertise in dental technology on the Gold Coast, this can be achieved very quickly and beautifully.

Life-Changing Rehabilitation

Being able to restore such an important part of our body can have an amazing impact in the lives of our patients, not only physically but also mentally.

As this all on 4 dental implants treatment can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, you will almost become part of our family, as we see you transform in front of our eyes and get your confidence back.

When we end the journey to a full mouth of teeth again your first dine out is on us to celebrate!

The Journey, explained

The journey to a full mouth of teeth is a complex one, but the rewards are incredible and extremely worthwhile. At Proud Smile Dental, we use almost all of the resources available in Dentistry to get the best result. From a full suite of digital imaging and software planning, to a fully milled and incredibly realistic Zirconium prosthesis and everything in between to reclaim your lost smile. If you are curious the video will explain the procedures undertaken.

Advanced Guided Surgery,
Fear no more

Surgical procedures can have a psychological impact on our patients, this is due to their often unpredictable nature, and the fear of post operative recovery. On our continued quest to pursue a painless experience for our patients, we have implemented Advanced Guided Surgery protocols, to practically all of our surgical procedures. Leading the way in Digital Dentistry on the Gold Coast, we now plan for surgical procedures from the very early stages of treatment and with near 100% precision. Surgical guides are created right in our own laboratory, using robotic machines. These are true to their names, and they guide us for precise implant placement and reduced invasiveness. The use of this technology can drastically minimise complications and post operative discomfort. Planning literally makes perfect results.

Teeth are precious and so is our craftsmanship

At Proud Smile we don’t settle for average, especially when we’re talking about restoring a whole set of teeth and transforming one’s life. That is why, our range of full arch All-on-four, are completely bespoke and we only use the highest quality materials, guaranteed. Different from other clinics, our entry level all-on-four prosthesis, is created from the super strong and highly aesthetic material called Zirconia, and best of all, it is created in our own laboratory for a speedy turnaround. For patients that want an extra premium solution, we can create an amazingly realistic prosthesis using porcelain veneering techniques, tooth by tooth. This is an artisan creation, designed by us and delivered by our machines for the highest accuracy. 

All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

FROM $18,500

Private health insurance rebates are available.


FROM $22,000

Private health insurance rebates are available.

Our entry level premium Zirconia All-on-four prosthesis is guaranteed to be extremely competitive in price, especially considering that entry level implant prosthesis are usually made of Acrylic (Denture Material) which is far inferior in strength and aesthetics.

Come on in, let’s talk about it

Oral Disabilities have an enormous impact in a person’s state of mind, and we completely understand that making the decision to talk about it, can be one of he hardest things to do. Whether it’s due to embarrassment, or just being lost and not knowing your options, our team is here to help, and we do care. So let’s talk about all on 4 dental implants treatment.