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DVA Dental benefit
(Department of Veteran Affairs)

Supporting our Veterans

As DVA approved dentists, we are proud to provide our services for holders of Gold and White cards from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). You will receive our utmost care and high quality treatment, bulk billied directly with the Department of Human Services as a DVA member.

What is covered under DVA?

DVA for dental covers most dental procedures and the majority of them require no approval. There is an annual monetary limit which is not cumulative, so it is beneficial for patients to visit us regularly for their dental examinations, to assess for any required dental work and maintenance of good oral health.


The annual limit usually allows for 2 crowns per year, so it’s a good idea to upgrade the large fillings into porcelain restorations and protect your teeth from fractures. Dental Implants require prior approval due to the complex nature of them and we’re happy to submit any required documentation to support your application.


For treatment plans amounting to more than the annual monetary limit, we can offer a tailored payment plan to help with the excess costs, however this is not common, as DVA does cover a wide range of dental procedures. Claims are entered electronically, so there are no forms to fill out, you receive treatment and we process the claim, its as easy as that.