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Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CBDS)

Free Dental For Children

As part of the dental scheme QLD, The Medicare Child Dental Benefit program, provides financial assistance to families to help assess the health of their children’s teeth, and to introduce preventative strategies to encourage good lifetime oral health habits.

Child Dental Benefit Scheme - proud smile child

Under the medicare child dental benefit scheme, eligible children and teenagers receive a dental voucher of $1095 per every 2 years. This voucher is to assist with the cost of preventative dentistry, such as examinations, dental x-rays, scale-clean and fluoride treatments and also for basic and moderate treatments such as fillings, root canal treatment and emergency appointments. This means free dental for kids and peace of mind for you.

The voucher cannot be used for cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. The program is income tested so we can check eligibility directly with Medicare. Proud Smile has also decided not to place any surcharge on the Medicare fees which means we bulk bill completely up to the amount available.

For treatments exceeding the $1095 cap, we’re happy to provide our Smileasy Payment plan.