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Your Dream Smile in just one day

Photo from an actual Proud Smile patient

Leaders in Same Day and Digital Dentistry

The future of cosmetic dentistry has arrived at Proud Smile. With 3D technology now a reality, we can assess, design and produce porcelain crowns and veneers in a single day procedure** with a totally digital workflow and with near 100% precision.

* For Ultra Thin Veneers, ** Case dependant, full assessment required.

“Effortless Transformation:
Same-Day Veneers for Busy Lifestyles

Achieve a perfected smile in a day with our Same-Day Aesthetics program. Embrace modern life’s pace with instant results. Our unmatched expertise and advanced technology, craft your ideal smile promptly, catering to quality-conscious, dynamic lifestyles.

“The” day

With the use of Robotic milling we’re now able to produce state of the art porcelain restorations right in our office. Production time is cut from weeks to a single day. And don’t think for a moment that the machines have taken over, the design is still completely human and bespoke, it’s just created in the digital world.

Photography, Teeth preparation (unless UltraThin), Digital Scan

At Proud Smile we do things differently, we start with the final outcome in mind and work relentlessly to deliver your desired smile. The first step begins with a free Smile Assessment, so we can discuss your dream smile and present you with a Digital Smile Proposition and recommendations that are suitable for your needs. You have plenty of time to consider your options and ask questions to make the right decision for you. When you are ready to book for your same day smile transformation, our team will ensure you understand the process for your big day. Your smile transformation day begins with professional photographs taken in our studio, followed by a final consultation with the dentist to ensure you have every opportunity to ask questions to fully understand the procedure. Your teeth are then prepared, or for our Ultra-Thin Veneers no preparation is required, and a scan is taken, no messy uncomfortable moulds.

Design and Manufacturing, while you relax at home

While you relax at home for the day, our work at the practice intensifies. We first design your veneers 100% digitally, using state of the art software, the information you have provided us, and the “Golden Proportions” protocol, to create your perfect new smile. Manufacturing your veneers can then start in our in-house lab, using some of the finest robotic milling machines, which cut your veneers out of premium porcelain blocks (or material of your choice). The last step needs a human artistic touch, to bring character and brilliance, and finally the veneers go into a furnace with temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Celsius.

And if you just can’t stop thinking about what we’re doing while you’re at home waiting, we cater for you too. Simply download our Smilecloud Passport app on your phone, to have access to your photos, design propositions and even updates on how we’re going with your case. And no we don’t have a 24 hour camera for you to peek, yet. ☺️

Cementation, Proud Smile Delivered

On your return to our practice, we place the veneers on your teeth and allow you to be wowed by them before we proceed with cementation. Yes, you will have the chance to look at them, in your own mouth before we finalise the process. You then give us the go ahead and while you dry up your tears, we prepare for final cementation. It’s a new you in just a day!

Our Results speak for themselves

You too can have YOUR smile back, whether you have a gap between your teeth, discoloured fillings, teeth that are too short or too long, chipped, broken or very yellow teeth, chances are we have a solution for you.

*images below are from Proud Smile patients, consent obtained.

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