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Proud Smile
Pacific Fair

Making Dentistry a Visit You'll Look Forward To

Our Proud Smile Pacific Fair clinic is a refreshing and inspiring place designed to change the face of dentistry and offer unparalleled levels of comfort. Come visit us and be amazed.

you are our Guest

Our Pacific Fair dental clinic is designed to feel like a modern home. Our friendly staff and attentive dentists are here to listen and provide you with personalised care without judgment. Whether you’re feeling embarrassed, anxious, or stressed, we’re here to help guide you through the process. 

Relax, you’re at a Proud Smile Pacific Fair

At our Pacific Fair Dental Clinic, your comfort is our priority. Say goodbye to dental fears with soothing scents, lounge music, and ceiling-mounted screens to watch your favourite TV shows. Experience tranquility with noise-cancelling headphones, a calming atmosphere with LED lighting, and after treatment, enjoy a refreshing warm towel. While we may not offer popcorn, we guarantee a calm and revitalising experience to brighten your day.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Our Dental Offerings

Our Proud Smile Pacific Fair branch offers a large range of dental services, from comprehensive general dentistry, including children’s services, to Implants and Premium Aesthetics for all ages. Our preferred partnership with Medibank Private means you’ll enjoy Free check-ups and high rebates for all things dental. Please explore our services below

Friendly Professionals, Expert Care: Your Best Outcome

We’re not just friendly faces—rest assured, we know our stuff without any need for bragging. Our skilled team is always levelling up, staying ahead of the game. We believe in tailoring your care to fit your unique needs, using our expertise. Count on us to team up with you for the best possible outcome.

Dr. Erwin

B.D.S (Cosmetics & Implants)

Dr. David

B.D.S Dentist

Dr. Rebecca

B.D.S Dentist

Dr. Wakako

B.D.S, PhD Endodontics

Ms. Elektra

Oral Health Therapist (Adult Scope)

Ms. Michelle

Oral Health Therapist (Adult Scope)

Ms. Maree

Practice Manager

New Patient?
Welcome to our family.

Exclusive comprehensive examination for new patients including everything you will need without expend a fortune. 

Only $99 for anyone*


with Any Health Insurance*

(*) Not included Scale and clean cleaning, No maximum number of x-rays and no charge for more than 2. Medibank Private members choice available at Pacific Fair

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