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Aesthetics vs Function: The Importance of Braces and Straight Teeth

If a poll was taken today in the average Aussie city, most people – if they had the choice – would choose a great looking, aesthetically pleasing smile. A great smile really is an important asset in life, and it’s about more than just looking good. A pleasing smile can directly affect the way you see yourself, the way others perceive you, and your general sense of well-being.

However, few people genuinely realize the direct relationship between teeth aesthetics (the way they look) and function (the way they work!). We all want and need functioning teeth and good oral hygiene. Aesthetically sound teeth are also teeth that are more likely to function as they are intended to.

It’s not uncommon for people to say “I don’t need braces” because they are not currently experiencing or encountering any problems or pain, without realising that they could be setting the stage for greater problems down the line.

Why do you need straight teeth?

I always remember when we were kids, the thought of ‘having to get braces’ would fill the hardiest kid’s heart with fear. What we didn’t realise back then is that getting braces is so much more than the promise of super straight teeth at the end, it’s about early intervention to prevent physical and emotional discomfort (or even suffering) and expenses later down the line. By checking up on your teeth sooner rather than later, you can enjoy robust dental hygiene and prevent tooth decay, tooth loss, jaw problems and a plethora of other issues, whilst ensuring your general sense of well-being and self-confidence for the rest of your life.

Times have changed, and thankfully, so has the dentist’s chair experience, so today you’ve got even more to look forward to when you book in with ProudSmile.

More Than Just Straight Teeth

Did you know that braces also help to prevent gum disease and cavities? It’s true!

Misaligned teeth are not operating optimally. As the teeth are often crowded in some areas, these tiny, difficult to reach spots can trap food which leads to bacteria growth, tooth decay, cavities and even bone erosion! Straight and uncrowded teeth have fewer of these food traps, plus they are easier and more effectively cleaned and cared for by regular brushing and flossing.

Something to Chew On

Other than your smile centrepiece, your teeth are actually a vital and amazing tool that you really do need, and they are the first step in the process of digestion. Chewing breaks down your food into small bits and infuses it with saliva which contains enzymes that begin this breakdown before you swallow. Teeth that are not straight are not as effective at this process and may cause you to have indigestion problems.

Braces ensure a better bite

Misaligned teeth are not distributing the pressure of your bite evenly and therefore are more likely subject to intense bite pressure. Not only is this more strain on your jaw, but the teeth copping this extra strain are more likely to become fractured, broken and generally worn down, eventually needing treatment.

Braces Stop The Cycle of Damage

Whether it starts as a child or an adult, misaligned teeth will only get worse. As your teeth grow, they will increase existing pressure and crowding of the teeth, exacerbating the situation. As an adult, chronic concerns like tooth decay and gum disease will emerge, and until you straighten your crooked teeth, your risks of developing such a condition will be significantly higher.

Correct Your Overbite and Underbite

When you close your teeth together (bite) you want your top and lower teeth to meet evenly and at the same time. This overall balance allows your bite function to operate at its best. Malocclusions are when your teeth do not meet properly. Of course, everyone is different, so even a small mismatch can lead to tooth wear, jaw joint pain, gum recession and even headaches can result if untreated.

Brace Yourself for the Good News

Braces have come a long long way since the 80s and 90s! With brands like Invisalign making them less obtrusive than ever before, getting straight, healthy teeth doesn’t mean a huge disruption to your lifestyle and appearance.

Your teeth work hard for you, so preparing them and treating them with the best modern technology will keep them functioning at their best, every day. The right time to treat misaligned teeth is right away. Left untreated, they can cause endless, and sometimes very serious health issues, so connect with our team at ProudSmile for a friendly, compassionate chat about braces for your smile.