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Your best smile is our excellence

Proud Smile is a Cosmetic Dentistry clinic on the Gold Coast, leaders in same-day aesthetics and digital dentistry.

starts with a smile

Dare to Smile, Be Proud of Your Uniqueness!

Dental imperfections can weigh heavily on self-esteem, stifling self-expression. Our transformative dental solutions empower you to radiate authenticity. With a decade of expertise and modern techniques, we unleash your inner glow, allowing your true self to shine. Embrace self-discovery, empowerment, and joy through our care and treatments.

Same-Day Aesthetics leaders on the Coast.

Experience a perfected smile within a day, through our Same-Day Aesthetics program. Embrace the pace of modern life with immediate results. Our unparalleled skills and cutting-edge technology sculpt your ideal smile without the prolonged wait, catering to those valuing both quality and a dynamic lifestyle.



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A dental practice,
but not as you know it.

A modern approach to cosmetic dentistry treatments

Say Goodbye to Pain, Anxiety, and Sterile Environments. Say Hello to a Refreshing, Relaxed and Warm Experience.

Comprehensive Dental Care on the Gold Coast

From our excellence in cosmetic dentistry to comprehensive general dentistry, we provide a range of treatments under one roof for your convenience. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your oral health is in optimal condition. During your visit, we create personalised treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. 

We are proud of our delivered results

Our patient’s genuine expressions speak louder then words


Smile Now, Pay Later

Flexible Payment Plans for you

At Proud Smile, we prioritise affordability to ensure access to premium and bespoke cosmetic dentistry. Recognising that upfront payments may not always be feasible, we offer a comprehensive range of flexible payment plans. 


Our dedicated coordinators work closely with you, tailoring a plan that suits your budget. Rest assured, on the Gold Coast, no other practice is as accommodating as we are.

Dental Payment Plans

New Patient?
Welcome to our family.

Exclusive comprehensive examination for new patients including everything you will need without spending a fortune.